Career Protection Plan

The single most important step you can take
to protect your career at all times.

Per Employee Per Company (valid for one year)


The Career Protection Plan (CPP) from Clean Exit is linked to your current job role in a company and shields you from various unethical practices and wrong rating. Do not join a company for an internship or a job without the CPP Plan!

01  Rate Company and Managers

Get the opportunity to rate your managers and your company on exit. 

02  Notification and Appeal

Get notified for any critical ratings that can impact your career and request for an appeal to rectify it.

03  Rate F&F Settlement 

Has the company paid your last month salary and all pending dues? Rate the process on exit.

04  Experience Protection

Get protection from Clean Exit if a company does not provide you with Experience and Relieving letter, critical for your next job.

What Professionals Say

I was not given the experience letter from a company where I completed my Internship. Thanks to the Clean Exit Certification and the Career Protection Plan, I was able to get a full clearance for my next job.


With Rating Notifications, I was able to appeal and improve my rating that could have impacted by promotion. Thanks to Clean Exit!


With Rating Notifications, I was able to appeal and improve my rating that could have impacted by promotion. Thanks to Clean Exit!


I was unfairly rated by my manager in a start-up and was not given experience and relieving letter by the company even after repeated requests. Thanks to the CPP plan, the Clean Exit team intervened and spoke to the CEO of the company and within a week my documents were released.


This company I last worked with, changed their exit policy and forced me to serve a 90-day notice period which was highly impractical. They even withheld my last month salary. It was only due to the CPP from Clean Exit that I was able to get my dues and join another company without major problems. If I was not supported by Clean Exit, it would have been a disaster for my career.


As a freelancer, I work with many companies across the year on different projects. I ensure that I take CPP for every client assignment for fair assessment and protection of my work.



Clean Exit Career Protection Plan (CPP) from Clean Exit is designed for students, freelancers and working professionals to protect them from unfair Industry practices that can impact their career.

Many organizations, including SMEs and start-ups (companies that are usually less than 3 years old) have little or no streamlined HR policies, resulting in various issues including delayed Full and Final Settlement, unfair notice periods, Managers who engage in misconducts, provide wrong ratings and even withhold the candidates experience and relieving letter.

The CPP protects you from all the above problems and ensures that your career is not impacted.

Under the CPP plan, you can reach Clean Exit for the following issues:

  • Delay in Full and Final Settlement or pending dues
  • Non-issue of Experience Letter
  • Non-issue of relieving letter
  • Unfair Notice Period
  • Wrong Rating
  • Misconduct by direct manager
  • Forced to engage in unethical practice
  • Any other issue that may be related to code of conduct or ethics


The legal team of Clean Exit will investigate and evaluate the facts, including connecting with the company and make an effort to resolve the issue. This is irrespective of the company using the services of Clean Exit.

Notification allows you to get timely communication on specific ratings that have the potential to impact your career. The Appeal process allows you to provide your explanation for a given rating and dispute it based on merit.

With notifications, you are always aware if you are rated negatively by your manager or customer.

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